Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce


👉 Advanced Linked Variation allows users to show various products or product variants as variations of a WooCommerce product, without adding it as that product’s variant in reality. You can link products by name, category, or tag to show them as product attributes of each other.

Using this plugin is really simple. From installation to creating linked variation groups or configuring settings, you won’t find any difficulty in using it with your online store. It can also function well with WPML-enabled (multilingual) websites/shops.

As Advanced Linked Variations for WooCommerce Plugin works perfectly with popular WooCommerce plugins and themes, so you can easily apply its settings for your store without worrying about the theme enabled.

For custom templates or when you want to display linked variations in your preferred position, the plugin supports the use of shortcode.

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💁 Key benefits of advanced linked variations

🔑 Promote similar or related/complementary products in your store;
🔑 Showcase more options for customers and increase the sell chances;
🔑 Manage your products separately than adding details as variants;
🔑 Market your products within the store & use no-follow links for SEO;
🔑 Improve your store’s shopping & browsing experience for end-users;
🔑 Boost sells a product that results in a higher satisfaction rate.


Key features of Advanced Linked Variations – Free Version

  • Create one or many advanced linked variation groups;
  • Add products, categories, or tags as linked variations;
  • Display linked variations by attributes as product variants in shop;
  • Show attributes on product pages as images or text;
  • Hide the attributes’ tooltip description;
  • Make the attributes/linked variations as unfollow (no-follow) links;
  • Enable opening linked variations in same tab or a separate tab;
  • Set the tooltip description position as top, bottom, left, or right;
  • Show or hide hidden, unpurchasable, or unavailable products as linked variations;
  • Hide empty terms to keep your pages with linked variations neat and beautiful.
  • Add attributes under the title/price/except or before/after the add to cart button;
  • Render attributes on individual product pages in your preferred position using shortcode;

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  • Basic Settings
  • Linked Variation with an advanced option
  • Multiple linked variations
  • Arrange variations based on needs
  • Enable/Disable variation images
  • Color linked variations
  • Combined linked variations


  1. Upload the folder “linked-variations” to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configured plugin settings as per step defined in getting started page.


Q. Does this plugin work with WooCommerce variable products?

ANS: Yes.


Augustus 8, 2023 1 reply
I needed to connect with tags and that plugin make that work! Awesome job.
Julie 19, 2022
We run a store that offers the same art design across different product styles like t-shirts, hoodies, hats etc and we wanted to make it easy for our customers to shop the available products and this does just that! Easy plug & play, my shop is heavily customized and this did not break a thing. This is the only plugin that I've come across that can deliver this feature. Thanks so much!
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