Delete Duplicate Posts


This plugin searches and removes duplicate posts and their meta data.

You can delete posts, pages and other Custom Post Types enabled on your website.

The plugin deletes not only the post, but post meta and other references to the post, cleaning up space in your WordPress website.


  • Select individual posts to delete or select all.
  • Manual or automatic deletion
  • Keep oldest or newest version.
  • Get status email when something is deleted.
  • Integrated log shows all activity.

Read more on the plugin page on


  • Duplicate posts were found.
  • Details in the log.
  • Settings in free version


  1. Upload the delete-duplicate-posts folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Delete Duplicate Posts plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the plugin by going to Tools -> Delete Duplicate Posts


Should I take a backup before using this tool?

Yes! You should always take a backup before deleting posts or pages on your website.

What happens if it deletes something I do not want to delete?

You should restore the backup you took of your website before you ran this tool.


April 14, 2021
Dears I use β€œscrapes” plug-in to gather special news from different rss and news website sources for my site. but it would be some duplicated news but different titles as they are from different sources. is this plug-in useful to indicate duplicated news content ? or if anybody knows any useful plug-in in this way ? thanks
April 13, 2021
Very nice plugin, especially if you use RSS feeds for some of your blog posts. Runs fast with minimal impact on server resources. Finds and lists duplicates and gives you the option of manual (my preference) or automatic deletion, keeping the oldest or the newest version of the duplicates, etc.
Maart 17, 2021
Works like a charm without fuss or confusion. Fixed my duplicates issue, caused by improper import, in about 5 minutes, including time for leaving this stellar rating and review. Thanks Guys!
Januarie 12, 2021
Hi, This plugin is the best in the world Word Press plugin in its class, easy, fast, light and very, very efficient and the technical support is fantastic ! Also thanks to the latest feature added in v4.6.1, I can confirm that it works fast and flawlessly even with websites that contain hundreds of thousands of content, great !!! Highly recommended ! P.S.: Special thanks to Lars Koudal ( @lkoudal ) for his extreme kindness, professionalism and speed in providing technical support and in implementing new functions, thanks !
Januarie 11, 2021
This plugin works as advertised. I had 6000+ posts total, and I deleted over 3300. Once, I became current without duplicates, it's so easy day-to-day after the duplicate video(s) are imported! The deletion process is quick. An example, 100 duplicate posts take about 2-3 minutes total!
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  • 2021/07/21
  • Security Hardening


  • 2021/07/11
  • FIX: Duplicates not always properly detected, thank you for the reporters to help fix this bug πŸ™‚
  • NEW: Improved and faster lookup of duplicates.
  • NEW: See number of posts per post type.
  • NEW: See peak memory usage in the log.
  • NEW: See combined count by post_status in the log.
  • NEW: If there is a problem looking up duplicates in the database (shared servers have limited resources), the problem will be shown in the log.
  • Updated language files.
  • Tested up to WP 5.8


  • 2021/04/14
  • Updated 3rd party libraries for PHP 8
  • Tested up to WP 5.7
  • Minor bugfixes


  • 2020/01/12
  • Hotfix – “The plugin generated 15 characters of unexpected output during activation” – Thanks Fabio.


  • 2020/01/12
  • Beta feature: Limit amount of duplicates to find. On big sites with many duplicates the plugin can time out. This feature allows you to limit the amount of results. This feature is only available for free while being tested. Thank you Fabio.
  • Minor text or layout fixes.


  • 2021/01/11
  • New: Manually select which duplicates to delete (or use the automatic)
  • Fix: WordPress 5.6 jQuery compatibility.
  • Fix: Not allowing to disable final post status if only one left. Thank you @nd62.
  • Work on improving PHP 8 compatibility.
  • Updated 3rd party libraries to latest version. Freemius v. 2.4.1


  • 2020/11/30
  • Fix bug with email not sending. Thank you Fatih.


  • 2020/11/09
  • Introducing Multisite compatibility
  • Updated 3rd party Freemius library to v. 2.4.1
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.3


  • 2020/08/06
  • Code cleanup
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Updated SDK Freemius to


  • 2020/07/06
  • Fix – automatically deactivate free version if pro version is activated – Thank you Jordi.
  • Fix – Missing link to privacy data.
  • Fix – Not correctly identifying original post when comparing with post meta values – Thank you Reinhard.
  • New – more details how long a process took is now stored in the log.


  • 2020/06/08
  • Code cleanup and security hardening.

  • 2020/05/08
  • Removes some debug code, whoopsie.


  • 2020/05/07
  • Plugin now looks for duplicates in posts and pages per default, no need to set it after activating plugin.
  • Fix: “Error deleting post” showing even if the post was deleted. Thank you Murray πŸ™‚
  • The log is now updated when list of duplicates is updated.


  • 2020/05/04
  • Fixing activation bugs – Thank you @locutus45 and @paul1427
  • Fixing code not working with PHP 5.6
  • Fixed missing translation strings – Thank you Canny for translating to Korean! πŸ˜€
  • Added automatic reload when manually deleting duplicates.


  • 2020/05/03
  • Fixing bug in install routines


  • 2020/05/02
  • Tested up to WP 5.4.1
  • Pro: Choose different post stati to look for; publish, draft, scheduled, pending, private and any other custom post status.
  • Code improvement, works faster.


  • 2020/04/25
  • Rewrote plugin to better handle big sites with lots of duplicate content.
  • Fixed automatic deletion (cron job) not working properly on some sites.
  • Security fixes and hardening throughout the plugin.
  • Log is now AJAX based to help load on big sites.
  • Duplicate list now loads via AJAX to help with load on big sites.
  • Added inline help – Helpscout
  • Updated Freemius 3rd party SDK to 2.3.2
  • Added option to upgrade to Pro version.
  • Updated language files.
  • Removed option to run every minute – Sorry, but not a good idea for many websites and hosting companies do not like it either.


  • Direct link to support forum
  • Fixed missing file in 3rd party SDK.


  • Fix – the limitation on how many posts were deleted per batch did not always work, it does not.
  • PHP notices removed from the log thank you @brianbrown

  • Security fix

  • Added two more intervals, every minute and every 5 minutes.
  • Updated 3rd party script Freemius

  • Fixed bugs introduced with updating to WordPress 4.9.1 – Thank you to all who reported the problem.

  • Fixed esc_sql() for WordPress 4.8.3

  • Fix missing 3rd party scripts.


  • Optimized delete routines – Thank you Claire and Vaclav πŸ™‚ Up to 20-30% faster deleting.
  • Added timing functions so you can see how long it takes to delete in the log.
  • Permanently delete posts and pages – no longer goes to trash.
  • Fix – The log is now shown with latest events at top.
  • Updated 3rd party scripts – Freemius update to


  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Fixing problem with keeping latest or oldests posts.


  • Fixed PHP Notification – Logs were not automatically cleaned.


  • Fixed missing icon
  • Listed freemius as contributer


  • Fixing PHP Warning if no post types selected


  • Fixed a mistake in Freemius configuration :-/


  • Added language .pot file
  • Improved Danish translation
  • Added Fremius for more usage details – Opt-in


  • Fix PHP notices
  • Clean up code comments
  • Logo now in Retina


  • Fixes which kinds of posts that can be cleaned- Thanks Mark –
  • Option up from max 250 posts to 500 – Thanks Mark.
  • Improved visual style in the table listing.


  • Fixes problem with cron job not working properly.
  • New: Choose interval for automated cron job to run.
  • Adds 3 cron interval 10 min, 15 min and 30 minutes to WordPress.
  • Minor PHP Notice fix.
  • Code cleaning up


  • Added log notes for cron jobs and manual cleaning.
  • Added missing screenshots, banners and icons.


  • Big rewrite, long overdue, many bugs fixed
  • NEW: Choose between post types.
  • Optional cron job now runs every hour, not every half hour.
  • The log was broken, it has now been fixed.
  • Removed unused and old code.
  • Improved plugin layout.


  • Fix for deleting any dupes but posts – ie. not menu items :-/
  • Fix for PHP warnings.
  • Fix for old user capabilities code.


  • Code refactoring and updates – Basically rewrote most of the plugin.
  • Removed link in footer.
  • Removed dashboard widget.
  • Internationalization – Now plugin can be translated
  • Danish language file added.


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfix: Problem with the link-donation logic. Hereby fixed.


  • Bugfix: Could not access the settings page from the Plugins page.
  • Ads are no longer optional. Sorry about that πŸ™‚
  • Changes to the amount of duplicates you can delete using CRON.


  • Bugfix : A minor speed improvement.


  • Bugfix : Minor logic error fixed.


  • Bugfix : Now actually deletes duplicate posts when clicking the button manually.. Doh…


  • Design interface updated
  • New automatic CRON feature as per many user requests
  • Optional: E-mail notifications


  • Fixes problem with dashboard widget. Thanks to Derek for pinpointing the error.


  • Ensures all post meta for the deleted blogposts are also removed…


  • Uses internal delete function, which also cleans up leftover meta-data. Takes a lot more time to complete however and might time out on some hosts.


  • First release