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ST Dentcare

Deur Spectra Themes

Weergawe: 1.6

Laas opdateer: April 24, 2024

Aktiewe Installasies: 20+

WordPress Weergawe: 4.7 or higher

PHP Weergawe: 5.2 or higher

Tema se voorblad

ST DentCare is a professional and modern WordPress theme tailor-made for dentists and dental clinics. ST DentCare comes with a responsive and easy-to-use interface that provides the perfect platform for dentists looking to showcase their services and create a strong online presence. This theme has been optimized for search engines and mobile, which means that patients can easily access it on their smartphones or tablets. The featured sections on this ST DentCare theme are the services section and the offer section, highlighting offers and services.. Theme Demo Page: https://spectrathemes.com/demo/st-dentcare/


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