KopoKopo Lipa Na Mpesa


KopoKopo plugin gets your online business on a successful course

Few features of this plugin:

1. No SSL required (But strongly advise you get a good SSL)
2. Easy to install and configure
3. Option for SMS notification service when client pays.
4. KopoKopo STK Push Option
5. Safe way to process Paybill/Till number payments on WooCommerce using paytalk.co.ke gateway
6. This plugin use hosted solution provided by paytalk.co.ke and payment is processed on secured servers of Paytalk.co.ke


  • admin settings area
  • user checkout interface
  • paytalk.co.ke developer account


Click on the download link to get the plugin.
1. Method 1- Using FTP
Unzip the downloaded file and upload to your WordPress plugin directory(wp-contents/plugins/). Then, go to your WordPress admin backend, in the plugins section, you will see KopoKopo Lipa Na Mpesa.
2. Method 2: Upload via WordPress ‘Add New’ plugin in your admin backend.

1. Go to WooCommerce => Settings
2. On the “Settings” page, select “Payment Gateways” tab.
3. Under “Payment Gateways” you will find all the available gateways, select “PayTalk.co.ke(KopoKopo)” option
4. On this page, you will find options to configure the plugin for use with WooCommerce
5. Enter the API details with the Paybill/Till number registered on your Paytalk developer account.


How do I get the APIs?

  • Go to paytalk.co.ke
  • Login or create an account if you haven’t created one yet.
  • After logging in, create a project then generate Keys
  • Two types of keys will be generated by the system, i.e, Live Mode & Test Mode.
  • Copy the right keys depending on your settings in the admin section(Live/Test Mode)

NB: Remember to enter the paybill/till number information in the ‘Check Status’ page on your developer account. Paytalk will use the information provided to set up your account.

How long does it take for my Lipa Na Mpesa account to be set up on paytalk.co.ke developer account?

  • Maximum of two working days

It is more than 3 working days and my paybill/till number is still processing. Why?

  • In case of any delays in the account set up(be it on Paytalk side or Mpesa side), we always call/mail before the deadline elapses to notify you the reason for the delay. We advise that you keep checking your mail during your paytalk.co.ke account set up process.


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