Quick Featured Images

Your time-saving Swiss army knife for managing tons of featured images within minutes: Set, replace…

Kybernetik Services 50 000+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 6.0.3 Updated 6 maande ago

Easy Featured Images

Allows you to add and remove featured images from admin post lists. Works with AJAX…

Daniel Pataki 2 000+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 4.2.34 Updated 8 jare ago

RSS with Images

Seamlessly adds featured images to your RSS feed with customizable sizing options.

ENDif Media 900+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 5.4.12 Updated 2 jare ago

Easy Featured Images

A small plugin to add featured images in the "All Posts" page.

Kostas Vrouvas 300+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 5.2.17 Updated 3 jare ago

Genesis Featured Image

This plugin works within the Genesis Framework, and lets you display a featured image.

Ibon Azkoitia 90+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 4.9.22 Updated 4 jare ago

Jump Start Banners

Restores the banner functionality from Jump Start v2.0, when updating to v2.1+.

Jason Bobich 70+ webwerwe gebruik dit Updated 7 jare ago

Wonka Slide

This is a shortcode slider that will make a slider out of the featured images…

Wonkasoft 10+ webwerwe gebruik dit Getoets tot 5.3.14 Updated 3 jare ago

Ngx Image Resizer

Requires at least: 4.4 Tested up to: 4.9 Stable tag: 1.0.0 License: GNU General Public…

toannth Minder as 10 webwerwe gebruik dit Updated 4 jare ago