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Sustainable eCommerce cart


Deliver a sustainable shopping experience that your customers will love

Sustainable eCommerce Cart by netzeroSM lets your customers offset the carbon footprint of their purchases, helping them easily protect the planet while shopping in your store. It’s a transparent, simple, and free way to show your customers that you care about the environment as much as they do.

What you get

  1. Carbon offset functionality integrated into your cart page.
  2. A climate-friendly badge that improves your brand image.
  3. Unique sustainability insights and marketing tools.


How it works

After installing the Sustainable eCommerce Cart plugin, you can display the netzeroSM Climate Friendly Badge on any page(s) of your shop, so your customers can see that you’re a climate-friendly brand.

Your customers shop as usual. On the cart page, they can purchase a carbon offset credit with only one click. Carbon offset contributions usually range between 1-3.5% of the cart value. In most cases, this amount is more than enough to make your customers’ orders carbon-neutral.

At checkout, your customers see the carbon offset as just another product. You collect their contributions, and each month they go to fund carbon offset projects via netzeroSM.


Your main benefits

Improved branding
Today, most shoppers are becoming climate-conscious. In fact, 92% of consumers prefer brands with strong social or environmental commitments. With netzeroSM, your brand stands out as environmentally responsible, leading to an increase in cart conversion and retention.

Sustainability insights and marketing tools
Sustainable eCommerce Cart comes with a yearly calendar of climate events to help fit climate objectives into your marketing strategy. Every month you’ll get unique insights, tips, and tools on how to engage with the growing market of climate-conscious shoppers.

Meaningful climate action
netzeroSM makes sure that your contributions matter. We work only with the most reputable carbon offsetting projects, some of which can be found on our website under the projects tab. All offsets are certified and trackable by a unique id.


Main features:

For an excellent customer journey, the carbon offset widget supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

You can configure the look and feel of the Sustainable eCommerce Cart widget to match your website’s style. If none of the default styles fit your shop, we can implement additional styles free of charge.

Better Than Free
We are the opposite of a prepaid service. Carbon offset contributions are collected by you just like payment for any other product sold in your store. At the end of each month, you get an invoice to be paid by one of three possible payment methods, for maximum flexibility and minimal impact on your cash flow.

Your impact:

The contribution made by your customers supports three types of carbon offset and carbon removal projects:

  1. Plant new forests and protect existing forests.
  2. Accelerate the global transition to renewable energy.
  3. Support the development and implementation of carbon removal technology.

Join thousands of businesses already serving the growing market of climate-conscious shoppers and position yourself as a sustainability leader.


  • Empower your customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their orders with one click
  • Your customers can easily understand their positive impact
  • Track your store impact and share it with your customers
  • Engage with the growing market of climate-conscious shoppers
  • Install and make it yours in 5 minutes – zero coding required


Installation is fast and straightforward. After installation, follow the instruction on the ‘Getting started’ page (tab) to quickly set up the plugin.

Make sure the plugin is active, the widget is enabled, and you’ve chosen the design you like.

For any issue during installation or after, please contact our support team at


What changes for my customers?

The only thing that changes for your customers is a new ability to purchase a carbon offset contribution on the cart page. They don’t need to register or take any extra steps.

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are a globally accepted way to address climate change. By buying carbon offsets and carbon removals, customers contribute to various projects that reduce the amounts of carbon in the atmosphere or prevent carbon emissions globally.

What kind of projects are supported?

Your and your customers’ contributions go to support projects that plant new forests, protect existing forests, accelerate the global transition to renewable energy, and support young but much-needed carbon removal technology.

Where do the contributions go?

After we deduct a small margin, the money goes to fund a mix of carbon offset projects around the world. For a complete listing of supported projects, enter our website.

What is netzeroSM?

netzeroSM mission is to create a world where everyone can take impactful climate action in a simple, accessible, and transparent way, by reducing their carbon footprint with a single click. We empower businesses and shoppers around the world to reduce the environmental cost of e-commerce.


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