Magical Addons For Elementor


The best part of Magical Addons is that you can design anything without having to touch a single line of code. Magical Addons has a huge collection of premium and highly functional extensions that can be used in an Elementor page builder. This is really a premium plugin that you can get for free.

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Comes with 60+ Widgets, 100+ premade sections and blocks, 20+ template kits that help you build your websites in less time with no coding. our blocks and template library growing every week.

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Magical Addons Widgets List:

  • All Free Widgets List:
  1. Banner Widget
    Create your website banner with the banner widget advance options. The banner widget has two different styles with huge options.

  2. Animation Slider
    You can create an awesome animation slider with images and text with our Animation Slider widget. The widget gives you a huge number of customizable options with animation so you can create elegant-looking sliders in a minute!!

  3. Info Box
    Show any kind of information with a beautiful design. A magical info box creates your website more attractive.

  4. Call to action
    Content, image and button in one place with many styles and options in call to action widget.

  5. Tabs
    Create both Vertical and Horizontal tabs with huge options & features. Hope you will enjoy our tabs widget.

  6. Countdown
    The countdown widget allows you to display a timer that counts down to a specific time or date. It’s perfect for under-construction pages, sale items, events etc.

  7. Dual Heading
    You can create a headline with 2 different styles with this widget. Dual Heading Widget has every possible option.

  8. Team Members
    The best way to build a team grid is to introduce your team members, co-workers, etc. you can easily customize the team member widget as per your need.

  9. Timeline
    Create your timeline using the Magical timeline widget and showcase your timeline horizontal and vertical with awesome style.

  10. Accordion
    Display your website content in a foldable and succinct way using the Accordion widget. You can easily create your website faq section with the widget.

  11. About me
    Display about your details on your webpage by the magical about me widget.

  12. Progress Bar
    Progress Bar Widget helps you to display user skills, task progress, download percentage, and other progressions in an awesome way.

  13. Social Share
    Visitors can share your content on their social media accounts with one button click. it\’s a wonderful feature for improving your site Impressions

  14. Info List
    You can easily list your information by the Magical Elementor info list widget.

  15. Dual Button
    Display two buttons side by side with two different styles by dual button widget. Dual Button perfect for banner, call to action and any other section. It will improve your website visibility.

  16. Template Insert
    You can insert your Elementor save the template by the template insert widget.

  17. Back to top
    Elementor Back to top widget helps your visitor one click go page top easily. You can use the Back to top both in section and page.

  18. Section Title
    Every website has a different style section title. Now you can easily create many different style section titles with the Elementor magical section title widget.

  19. Card
    Display your content like services, products, offers and other items by our Elementor magical Card Widget on your WordPress website.

  20. Dual Heading
    Display two different style heading by Elementor magical dual heading widget.

  21. Text Effects
    You can add many different text effects to your webpage text. You can create an animation header or highlighted text animation by Elementor magical text effects widget.

  22. Blockquote
    Elementor blockquote widget is free. Now you can create awesome blockquote in your website content easily by Elementor magical Blockquote widget.

  23. Video Card
    Show your website content with video by the Elementor Magical video card widget.

  24. Content Reveal/Unfold
    You can fit long text in a small area by the Content Reveal /Unfold widget. Elementor magical Content Reveal /Unfold widget is an awesome trick as it will make your layout design look better.

  25. Icon List
    You cat crate list with icon by Elementor magical icon list widget. You can set any icon from the icon library with huge options.

  26. Pricing Table
    You can display detailed single prices or comparison pricing plans with the Elementor magical pricing table. Pricing table is a great way to boost your sales and engage more potential buyers.

  27. Data Table
    Elementor magical data table widget will let you create data tables with advanced styling options and features. Now show your data with a customizable table.

  28. Flip Box
    Elementor magical Flip Box Widget comes with cool 3D interactive effects. The Flip Box highlights your content in a great way.

  29. Hover Card
    Lots of hover effects are added in the Elementor magical hover card widget.

  30. Image Comparison
    Elementor magical image comparison can compare two pictures with draggable or mouse hover options in horizontal and vertical layouts.

  31. Image Accordion
    Create eye-catching image accordions in both vertical and horizontal orientations inside with Elementor magical image accordion.

  32. Image Smooth Scroll
    Elementor magical image smooth scroll allows you to display an image attractive scrolling way

  33. Posts Grid
    Display your website posts in many different grid styles with advanced posts query

  34. Posts List
    You can easily display your website posts in many different list styles with Elementor magical posts list widget.

  35. Site Logo
    Display your website Logo with huge customization options for Elementor page builder.

  36. Nav Menu
    Now, you build outstanding navigation menus in Elementor using the nav menu Widget with dozens of options.

  37. Category/tag list
    Now, You can easily display posts category or tag lists on pages or sections.

  38. Mailchimp Widget
    Now you can personalize your Mailchimp sign-up form with attractive and multiple styles With our Mailchimp Elementor addons.

  39. advanced Skillbar
    Now, you can display your skills awesome way by this animated skillbar Elementor widgets.

  40. Search Bar
    Now, you can customize your WordPress search bar in a unique way with Multiple styles.

  41. Contact Form 7
    Contact Form 7 Elementor Widget will help you to display contact forms on your website.

  42. WpForms
    Display easily WPForms plugin forms ease way using the Elementor magical WPForms widget.

  • All Pro Widgets List:

Portfolio/Filter Gallery
Portfolio gallery is an a awesome for display portfolio items or filter image gallery.

Lottie Animations

Info Box Carousel

Bar Chart

Testimonial Carousel

Promo Box

Price Menu

Photo Bunch

PDF View

[One Page Nav]

Off Canvas


Image Hotspots

Mg Counter

Content Switcher

[Price comparison]

Animated Heading

[Ajax Search]

Advanced Ticker

Note: This plugin is an addon of Elementor Page Builder. So the plugin only work with Elementor Page Builder plugin.


  • English


  • Magical Addons All Widgets with countdown and animated text.
  • Magical Addons Team members widget.
  • Magical Addons Tabs and list card.
  • Magical Addons Pricing table.
  • Magical Addons Posts list.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


First things first, thank you for choosing our Magical Addons plugin!

You can install the plugin one of two ways:

Install using FTP

  • Unzip the file locally to your machine
  • Connect to your FTP area using your preferred FTP package
  • Upload the folder that you extracted from the zip file to the plugin folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content -> plugin)
  • Go to plugin and activate Magical Addons For Elementor.

Install by WordPress (recommended)

  • Login to your WordPress admin area.
  • Navigate to plugin and click the Add New button at the top.
  • Click the Upload plugin button at the top.
  • Click the Choose File button and locate the Home file on your machine and click the Install Now button.
  • On the basis the plugin installs correctly, click the Activate link.


Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any WordPress theme as long as you are using Elementor as a page builder.

Will this plugin slow down my website speed?

No, the plugin don’t slow your website.

Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.


Junie 13, 2022
Its a great way to learn wordpress. Im gonna refer on this style for my portfolio.
Februarie 24, 2021
Excellent. Très facile à utiliser, très élégant et flexible, puisque vous pouvez activer ou désactiver les différents modules selon vos nécessités. Merci pour le travail, vraiment utile.
November 11, 2020
I get all my themes from my good friend, Noor Alam. I'm just starting with this plugin and I am blown away by it. Another good thing about getting all my themes from Noor Alam, if I have any problems he is quick to help me solve them. When you find something good you stay with it. I'm a customer and friend for life. You have definitely found your path, Noor. Stay with it my friend, you're only going to get better.
Maart 30, 2020
Awesome plugin! It is exactly what I needed to fully utilize all of my widgets, and not have to use a basic theme.
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Contributors & Developers

“Magical Addons For Elementor” is oopbron sagteware. Die volgende mense het bygedra tot die ontwikkeling van hierdie uitbreiding:




* Countdown widget label options added


* Nav menu js undefined issue fixed
* Template library js issue fixed


* Added new section & pages
* Fixed menu style


* Added new options and info
* Fixed some PHP error


* Published premium version
* Added new premade sections, blocks, pages
* New options added some widges


* New options added for Mailchimp widget
* Site logo widget issue fixed
* One js issue fixed


* Added advanced skillbar widget 
* Fixed progressbar widget js issue
* New options added in card widget


* Added Mailchimp widget
* Added new options in nav menu widget
* Fixed all css3 issued
* Fixed API error


* Added template library
* Fixed some widget issues


* Data Table widget added
* Nav Menu widget added
* update banner widget
* update call to action widget
* update content reveal widget
* update dual button widget
* update flipbox widget
* update icon list widget
* update image accordion widget
* update qoute widget
* update qoute widget
* update tabs widget
* update text effects widget


* Search bar widget adde
* Categories/Tags list widget added
* Scroll to top widget added
* Site logo widget added
* Template insert widget added
* Info List widget added


* Image comparison added
* Image Accordion added
* Content Reveal added
* Flip Box added
* Call To Action added
* Dual Button added
* Icon List added
* Image Smooth Scroll added


  • PieChart Widget added
  • Share Buttons Widget added
  • Contact Form7 Widget added
  • WP Forms Widget added
  • Fixe some php bugs


  • Blockquote Widget added


Tested with Elementor 4.7
Info box widget linking issue fixed


Tested with WordPress 5.5
Added some demo


Added – New style for Accordion
Added – New style for tab


Added – Video card widget
Added – section title widget
Added – New style Info box
Added – Card widget Badg and options
Added – Progressbar widget new style and animation
Added – New options for countdown timer
Added – New options for hover card
Added – New image options for pricing table
Added – New image options for pricing table


Added – List Post widget
Added – Grid Post options
Fixed – Info box style


Added – Grid Post widget


Added – Slider widget
Added – About us widget


Added – Accordion widget
Added – Timeline widget
Fixed – Some php issue


Added – Team Members widget
Added – Card widget
Edited – Pricing table widget


Released version