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syci is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a carbon footprint badge to your website using a shortcode. The badge displays information about the carbon emissions associated with your website.

The plugin provides a simple and customizable way to promote sustainability and raise awareness about the environmental impact of websites.


  • Display a carbon footprint badge on your website.
  • Customize the appearance of the badge using CSS.
  • Enable dark mode by adding the “darkmode” parameter to the shortcode.
  • Automatically enqueue the required JavaScript file when the shortcode is used.


To display the carbon footprint badge, use the [syci] shortcode in your WordPress content. The badge will be rendered wherever you place the shortcode.

Shortcode with default settings: [syci]

Shortcode with dark mode enabled: [syci darkmode=”true”]


  1. Upload the syci folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. Activate the “Carbon Badges” plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Can I customize the appearance of the carbon footprint badge?

Yes, you can customize the badge’s appearance using CSS. The badge is wrapped in a


div> element with the class carbonbadge. You can target this class in your theme’s CSS file and apply your desired styles.

How can I enable dark mode for the badge?

To enable dark mode, add the darkmode="true" parameter to the shortcode. This will add the wcb-d class to the badge’s


div> element.


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