DriveWorks Shortcode – Form Embed


This plugin enables the shortcode driveworks_embed, to quickly embed either a DriveWorks Project or DriveApp into any content.

It uses pre-written DriveWorks Client SDK functions to automatically create a client, login, start a Specification / DriveApp and render the Form.

Note: this plugin requires an external DriveWorks Live Integration Server to be configured and running, which allows connections from your WordPress domain.

To embed a Form, simply provide the following:

  • server_url – The URL of your Integration Theme server. Used to load the client library, and create a client connection.
  • group_alias – The alias of the Group to connect to.
  • Either:
    • project_name – The name of the Project to render
    • drive_app_alias – The name of the DriveApp to render

Optionally provide:

  • ping_interval – The interval (in seconds) at which the server is automatically sent a request. Useful to keep a session alive without manual interaction. Disable by setting to 0, or excluding this setting.
  • height – The height of the container that Form is rendered into, including the unit. Useful if the Form does not have a natural height. Examples: 800px, 10em, 75vh.


Render a Project:

[driveworks_embed server_url="" group_alias="MyGroupAlias" project_name="MyProject"]

Render a DriveApp, with a fixed height, that pings every 60 seconds:

[driveworks_embed server_url="" group_alias="MyGroupAlias" drive_app_alias="MyDriveApp" height="700px" ping_interval="60"]

How it works?

The shortcode is replaced with the markup required to embed and render a DriveWorks Form.

A pre-written script using standard methods from the DriveWorks Live Client SDK, running on your own server, performs a login and renders the configured Form.

The script will not send any credentials during login, so a default user must be specified in DriveWorksConfigUser.xml.
If a default user is not set server-side, the connection will not be authorized.

It is important to ensure that your DriveWorks Integration Theme server is running correctly.
You can check this by accessing the configured server_url in a browser.

Clear warnings will be shown if any errors are made in the config or during connection.

For alternative examples on how to render a DriveWorks Form, see our public Client SDK Examples and our Official GitHub.


  • Enter the shortcode into text content.
  • Enter connection details and other configuration options.
  • Save and view the Form rendered in your content.


Is this plugin free?

Yes – this plugin is free. However, it requires an existing DriveWorks Live Integration Theme server to be setup and running – which it will then connect to.
For more information and configuration guidance, see the official Integration Theme documentation

Can I use multiple embeds on one page?

Yes – however they will all share the same client library script.
Only 1 version of the library can be loaded on the same page.
The first server_url found in the content will be used to load the client library script.

Multiple Integration Theme servers can be connected to and embedded at the same time, but please note that only the first instance of the library will be loaded.
You should ensure all Forms can run successfully on the shared version of DriveWorks.

Embeds with the same server_url will re-use the same client for reduced overhead.

Why won’t my embed load?

There are various reasons an embed may not load correctly.

Helpful error messages are shown for common issues – when logged into WordPress as an admin user.
The browser developer console (F12) will reveal more details regarding any errors encountered.

To troubleshoot, ensure that:

  • The configuration in your shortcode is correct.
  • Your Integration Theme server is configured correctly in DriveWorksConfigUser.xml
  • Your Integration Theme server is running, and allows connections from this site.
  • The Group Alias has a default username and password set in DriveWorksConfigUser.xml

For more setup instructions, see:


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