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WordPress Online Comments Plugin – CMMNTZ


Comments are the core way for your Community to engage, & engaged users are much more likely to click on advertising, become a subscriber, or just come back on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many blogs struggle just to be found & can’t dedicate the resources to have truly engaged Communities. Add on the fact that most Online Commenting widgets are essentially identical & it’s no wonder that many blogs face an uphill battle.

Enter WordPress Online Comments Plugin – CMMNTZ, the Next Generation of Online Comments & Community Engagement!

CMMNTZ rebuilt Online Comments & Community Engagement from the ground up. Differentiate your blog by giving your Community never before seen ways to engage. Sign up today – its absolutely FREE!

CMMNTZ unlocks the following amazing abilities for your blog:

  • You’ll have the ability to post to your blog & automatically generate an extensive list of comments INSTANTLY based on the post’s Categories
  • Your users can also submit nuanced feedback on comments, such as stating that they “like a comment a lot since it is funny but the comment also makes them angry”
  • Your Community can perform advanced comment thread queries, such as “Show me comments that are funny & smart but not shocking that were written by women between 40-44 years old who reside in the Southwest US”
  • Any comments posted to your site can be seen across the web and drive traffic directly back to your blog

CMMNTZ also has a brand new intuitive design, expanded feature set, and revolutionary voting, sorting, and filtering options all at your Users fingertips.

FEATURES LIST (see FAQ for details)

A lot of our features are on the cutting-edge in their own right. However when combined, AWESOME things happen!

  • Instant Engagement + Process = Quality Comments
  • No PII + Process = Extensive Safeguards
  • Instant Engagement + Curation = Exciting Threads
  • No PII + Commenting = More Engagement
  • Process + Auto-Moderation = Risk Mitigation
  • Cross-Linked Traffic + Process = Quality Feedback
  • Instant Engagement + Auto-Moderation = Volume Safeguards
  • Auto-Moderation + Advanced Moderation = Granular Control
  • Process + Reports = Unparalleled Insight
  • CMMNTZ + Your Blog = Golden Opportunity

Join the revolution today & install CMMNTZ on your blog right now, for FREE!


Please check out our Support page and submit any question you may have that you do not see answered already.


  • Instant Engagement. Your posts get a head start with 10+ relevant, quality comments.
  • Cross-Linked Traffic. Great comments persist internet-wide & drive traffic to your blog.
  • No-PII. We don't track or even know your users & keep demographics vague.
  • Commenting Promotion. Users love that their comments are more likely to be read.
  • Voting Process. Intuitive nuanced voting process unlocks extraordinary capabilities.
  • Auto Curation. Your blog criteria automatically shows quality comments by default.
  • Advanced Moderation. Full control over what's shown on your site with minimal effort


  1. Install and activate the CMMNTZ plugin
  2. Go to the CMMNTZ dashboard to sign up and get your site’s CMMNTZ ID.
  3. On the WordPress Admin sidebar, navigate to the new CMMNTZ option to open the WordPress settings page.
  4. Enter your CMMNTZ ID in the field in the WordPress settings page, and click Save Changes

You now have CMMNTZ installed!


What do you mean by “Instant Engagement”?
  • Great Question! We mean:
    • Avoid one of the biggest roadblocks to Community Engagement – zero comments below your posts
    • When you set Categories for your posts, relevant comments from related posts auto-populate
    • Your site’s comments from other posts are promoted to enhance user engagement
    • Users can read comments from that post, or browse comments from related posts by Category
How does “Cross-Linked Traffic” work?
  • Super Question! The way it works is:
    • Your users’ comments are added to a global database & are discoverable for all time
    • Every comment from one of your posts that is shown anywhere includes a link back to your site
    • Links open in new tabs, leaving original site open for further browsing
    • Drive traffic to your site from sites with related topics based on your quality comments
Do you collect “Personally Identifiable Information”?
  • Amazing Question! We don’t need to collect PII and here’s why:
    • CMMNTZ does not collect extra data on its users, nor do we track them or monetize off them
    • We believe the value in Community Engagement lies in analyzing ideas to drive conversations
    • Account creation process is deliberately vague with all fields optional
    • No Personally Identifiable Information is captured, besides email for security purposes
How is “Commenting” different with CMMNTZ online comments?
  • Outstanding Question! Here are some of our revolutionary differences:
    • Users & even Guests can easily leave comments including self-voting on the comment
    • Registered users can speak freely & post anonymously on a per comment basis
    • All commenters can self-vote on their comment, nudging the comment in the right direction
    • Comments can be edited for a brief time, preventing typos while preserving voting integrity
What’s new about the CMMNTZ “Voting Process” for online comments?
  • Fantastic Question! Here’s what’s new:
    • Your Community has a whole range of options for voting through an intuitive process
    • Armed with voting results, users can sort with unheard of criteria including funniest & smartest
    • Community engagement skyrockets with advanced analysis options available
    • Users can restrict comments shown according to commenter demographics such as location
How can “Auto-Moderation” help me engage with my community?
  • Wonderful Question! Here’s how:
    • Community engagement results unlocks extensive auto-moderation capabilities
    • You choose how granular & restrictive your moderation settings are per site & thread
    • Safeguards exist to prevent your threads from being hijacked by malicious entities
    • Algorithms used to automatically move comments to pending moderation or disable entire threads
How does “Auto-Curation” provide a better experience for my community?
  • Marvelous Question! Check out how below:
    • Voting process allows you to put your best foot forward & curate default view of your site
    • You choose how your comments are sorted & filtered by default, creating a curated view
    • Users can leave your fenced in curation boundaries by conscious choice
    • Guest & Anonymous posts aren’t shown by default but can be shown if you or your users choose
What valuable information can the “Insightful Reports” give me from my online comments?
  • Incredible Question! Here’s just some of the possibilities:
    • Dashboard shows metrics for your site including details on threads, users, comments & votes
    • Voting process coupled with No-PII demographics unlocks advanced reports & insights
    • Find out not only Non PII details on who your users are, but what they like & are searching for
    • Insight into engagement on the entire CMMNTZ network assists you in creating content users seek
How will “Advanced Moderation” help me run my blog better?
  • Awesome Question! Here’s how:
    • Disable commenting
    • Shut down comments per thread
    • Member administration
    • Bulk moderate comments
    • Ban users or IP
    • Rules for moderation – banned words, user post limits, censorship & auto approve/pending
    • Email notifications
    • Thread expiration periods
    • Moderator types (administrator/staff/community)
    • Customizable commenting etiquette


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