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Clearout Email Validation and Verification plugin seamlessly integrates with all major forms to validate the email addresses in real-time. The plugin performs 20+ refined real-time validation checks to determine the current status of the email address. Such email validation checks include extensive verifications like greylist verification, gibberish check, catch-all verification, email blacklist verification & more. The validation will ensure the email address capture process to –

  • Accept only valid email addresses
  • Accept business/work email address only
  • Prevent all fraudulent signups from temporary/disposable/throw away email addresses
  • Block free email address providers like / /, in case you want to
  • Remind genuine users of their email if there are some typos.

This plugin requires an API token that can be obtained by creating a ‘Server’ App from Apps menu.
– Login into Clearout Account -> Click on ‘Apps’–> Click on ‘+ Create App’–> Choose ‘Server’ -> Provide the required details–>Click on Create and the API token will be generated.

If you do not have a Clearout account, please create an account with 100 FREE email validation credits! No Credit Card Required.

Supported Plugins

The Clearout email verification and validation plugin supports a rich set of popular form-based plugins by listening to email address capture flow or by hooking into WordPress is_email() function

  • Fluent Form
  • Elementor Form
  • Contact Form
  • Gravity Forms
  • Mailster Form
  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Ninja Forms
  • Formidable forms
  • Profile Builder
  • Ultimate Member registration form
  • Users Ultra registration form
  • JetPack comments and a contact form
  • MailPoet
  • Theme My Login
  • WP-Members
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • WP Forms
  • Form Maker by 10Web
  • Visual Form Builder
  • Any WordPress registrations & contact forms
  • WS Form

Key Features

  • Fastest Real-time Email Validation
  • Guaranteed Deliverability (Safe to send)
  • Accurate Email Verification
  • High Precision Advanced Catch-all Resolver
  • Seamless API Integration
  • Anywhere on Any Device
  • Block Disposable Email
  • Email Blacklist Verification
  • Support Domain Blacklisting
  • Block Role Email
  • Team Account Feature
  • Block Gibberish Email
  • Low Credit Notification Alert


Read more about Clearout email verification service


  • Clearout Email Validator setting page. Here you can add your Clearout API token and check/uncheck the role, disposable and Business email validator options.
  • Example - BWS Form denying free service email address.
  • Example - BWS Form denying role based email address.
  • Example - BWS Form denying invalid email address.
  • Example - BWS Form denying disposable email address.
  • Example - Clearout Account page to generate API token.


Installation using WordPress dashboard

  1. Select Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Search for “Clearout Email Validator”.
  3. Click on Install Now to install the plugin.
  4. Click on Activate button to activate the plugin.
  5. Get your Clearout API token before start using the plugin.
  6. Configure the plugin settings, including your API key and check/uncheck the role, disposable and Business email validator.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/clearout-email-validator directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Get your Clearout API token through here.
  4. Configure the plugin settings, including your API key and switch on or off the valid, disposable and free email validator.


How does this plugin work?

This Email Validation plugin listens to email address capture flow for all major forms by hooking wordpress is_email() function to verify whether the user typed email address can be accepted or not. Behind the screen, the verification will be carried out using Clearout API and the results will be matched with the appropriate settings allowed by the plugin.

Which Clearout status will be considered as a “valid” email address?

Clearout status other than “invalid” will be considered as “valid” email address and the form submission will be allowed. Also, by default, the email address of “disposable” or “role” will be considered as “invalid.” These settings can be changed in the plugin settings.

What version of WordPress is required?

This requires a minimum WordPress version of 4.6, tested and compatible with the latest version 5.2.1

Why does “Select Forms” have only a few forms listed?

We strive to bring Clearout email validation support to all major wordpress forms, in case if you see your form is not listed let us know ( Alternative, you can try using Clearout JavaScript Widget to bring support of email validation to any form with little or no coding effort

What is an API token and where can I get it?

API token is a unique representation of your access to Clearout Email Validation Service.
The API token can be created or obtained by creating a ‘Server’ App from Apps menu.

How to generate an API token?

Once logged in to your Clearout acoount click on ‘Apps’–> Click on ‘+ Create App’–> Choose ‘Server’-> Provide the required details –> Click on Create and the API token will be generated.

What is a credit?

A credit represents the successful validation for a single email address. The trial account comes with 100 FREE credits. Additional credits can be purchased anytime and the credits will never expire.

What happens once the 100 free credits are exhausted?

You need to purchase additional credits. System will notify in advance when you are running out of credits (by default when below 50 credits)

What factors determine the high accuracy level claimed by Clearout email validation plugin?

Clearout WordPress Plugin performs more than 20 validation checks on each email address to provide 98%+ accuracy level. These rigorous validation checks have a wide scale ranging from role/free account check to disposable email verification, spam trap detection, email blacklist verification, gibberish check & a lot more.

How secure is my data?

Clearout is fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR. Data is highly secure with us, as we take security and confidentiality seriously. We know that the email lists are confidential and we do everything we can to make sure that they stay that way! Your data is never stored in our system for more than 30 days and if requested it can be removed immediately after processing. Once you finish using our system, all related to your account will be erased in a maximum of 30 days. Also, the information you share with us for payment purposes is encrypted and it is stored in a military grade secure system. We also go out of our way to protect your data and we developed advanced defense mechanisms against misuse, loss, unauthorized access, and improper disclosure. We want to provide the same security that we would want for ourselves. Our customers feel safe knowing that the best email verification service is also the most secure.

How long will it take to validate an email address?

Clearout has been rewarded to have the fastest TAT(Turnaround Time ). At times some domains might take more time than the expected. But major free domain like are verified in less than a half-a-second (less than 100 milliseconds)

How to buy more credits?

Buying credits in Clearout is breezeful experience by clicking on Buy Credits button on top-right

Do you support form specific custom validation?

Yes, we do support form specific custom validation through Clearout JavaScript Widget, the integration is simple and can be done without need of developer help. Clearout JS widget provides all bells and whistles to customise the email validation as per your need.

Looking for custom integration of this plugin?

Send us email to or say “Hello” in chat

Where can I report bugs?

Send us email to or say “Hello” in chat


Januarie 9, 2022
I use different types of lead form plugins for my clients, to capture the valid and genuine email addresses as part of lead generation activities, this clearout plugin really helps me to do so, otherwise earlier use to do it manually that is tedious and error prone.
Januarie 7, 2022
The Email Verification plugin helped me to add the lead capture filter to my WooCommerce site and by doing that I'm able to get rid of all those disposable & fake email contacts from my lead capture funnel. Now I'm able to focus on quality contacts in my campaigns. Additionally, a great piece of customer service acts like a cherry on the cake.
September 11, 2020
Signed up for an account, ready to purchase plan after comparing multiple services. Tested one email address from a well known disposable email service and it returned as valid. The very first test. Emailed support and replied to the automated customer rep, neither replied within 10 days. Glad I didn't commit, if even a simple email is too hard to reply to and a well known temp domain isn't included. Unfortunate ;(
Maart 12, 2020
awful... total opacity. impossible to close your account!! they force you to buy it. no answer from the support. terrible.... i regret deeply to have use it. too late... dont make the same mistake.
Oktober 29, 2019
I tried everything on the market. This is the only Email Validator that works for an affordable price. There are no free validator services - forget about that. It is cheap and works great. Looked for something similar for years! Would recommend it to everyone.
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